Origins 2011 - AA50 Tournament

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Origins 2011 - AA50 Tournament

Post by BushidoBlitz on Tue 28 Jun 2011, 13:40

Charles and I enjoyed some great games in the AA50 Tournament this year!

Quarterfinals - played Craig (Yope) and Eric
They played the Allies, giving us 6, which we placed as an extra German sub in the Atlantic.
The dice turned on us early. J1 took Indian fleet, losing just a fighter (about average), but managed just a trade of 3 inf for the 2inf-1ftr in Yunnan, leaving it under Chinese control. Hawaii SZ was the worst, trading 1ftr-1sub-1des-1cru for 1ac-1des, leaving a US fighter to survive and land in Hawaii. Ouch! Next up, G1 tries a 3sub-1ftr-1bmb attack on the main UK fleet (1BB-1des-1sub[russian]-1trn) and loses everything, with the UK keeping the BB-trn! Off of Gilbraltar, airforce continues to get hammered, trading 1des-2ftr for the UK des-cru there. Net, end of G1, they have just two fighters left. I was feeling pretty bleak.
But, we hung in there. Allies seemed to employ a quasi-KGF, devoting UK to Germany, but splitting the US builds between west and east, and conceding, ultimately, Calcutta, Sydney and Honolulu (on J6) to the Axis. R6 demolished German forces in Warsaw, leaving the VC count at Axis-10 to Allies-8. Our only chance was to hold off the Allies from a potential UK punch on Berlin and a 1-2 UK-US punch on Paris and a US punch on Rome, as well as holding Honolulu from a liberation fleet built on US5.
We considered trying to retake Warsaw has a hedge against Honolulu falling, but judged that it would then weaken our defenses so that 2/4 VCs (Warsaw, Berlin, Paris, Rome) would certainly fall, leaving the Allies with a 10-8 VC win. We left just 10 inf in Berlin, against 4 UK trn loads + 2 ftr + BB + cru, thinking though that Italian forces could liberate Berlin as needed after UK6, and still have enough left in Rome and Paris to defend against US 3tnk-5inf-1bmb attack with fleet in Gibraltar. As it turned out, UK went for the 1-2 punch on WEU, but whiffed badly, while Axis forces there rolled above average. US attack on WEU failed, then, but Hawaii sea battle was the nailbiter. US chose to do 1bmb-3ftr-1sub-1ac on the Japanese fleet of 1BB-2ftr-1ac, leaving just one trn load of 1inf-1art to attack 2tnk on Hawaii should the sea battle succeed. Amazingly, in 3 rounds, US managed only 2 hits with all their stuff, and Japan held with BB-2ftr surviving. Results: Axis-10, Allies-8 on VCs. Great game, tough dice for the Axis at the beginning, but tougher dice for the Allies at the end.
6-round game.

Semifinals - played Lee and Jamie
We had beat these guys in our qualifier on Thursday, but they qualified on Friday and were back with some new tricks under their belt.
We played the Allies, with them accepting 5 IPC bid, placing a Japanese tank in FIC.
This was a close one, until a G3 or G4 attack on London failed badly.
Allies won on VC's, with Axis conceding after Berlin fell during UK6.
6 round game.

Finals - played Nick and his brother whose name escapes me (sorry!)
Awesome game--got 8 rounds in! (first time ever for me in a 5:45 format)
They accepted 4IPCs and played Axis (art in FIC), capturing India J1, building an IC there J2 and proceeding with a German tank rush and Italian units to triple pincer Russia. Fortunately, US build-up in the Pacific was unhindered and managed to get much needed air (3 ftr, 5 bmb) to Moscow in time for the first big battle, supplemented by 4 ftr from UK. After Japanese soak punch, G attack was 37 units (89 power) vs. 39 units (102 power). Germans whiffed on first round and Allies punished them with 22 hits (about 5 above average). They pulled back, but UK managed to get a 3trn shuttle going to Archangel, with either reinforcements or potential liberation attack. Japan conceded the Kiangsu and Hong Kong VC's as well as Manila. Axis conceded on G8 after last attack on Moscow failed, with VC's at 10-8 Allies. Great game, fastest ever, these guys were very focused on the pincer, but thought the VC count started at 9-9, so that might have changed their strategy.
8 round game.

Thanks for the games, guys. Great teaming with you, Charles! Looking forward to GenCon!

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