Spring Gathering X 2012

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Spring Gathering X 2012

Post by BushidoBlitz on Sat 21 Apr 2012, 15:46


Thanks a ton for hosting another fun Spring Gathering event!

I enjoyed the familiar hubbub of guys playing AA 1942, Global 1940, Minis, War at Sea, as well as the background sounds of war movies on the big screen.

Your famous all-day door prizes were amazing as usual. Congrats to Brian Ferguson for continuing his winning streak and to Steve Green for winning a copy of the out-of-print Anniversary Edition!

The 1942 tourney was only four teams but made for a fun round-robin. Larry and I headed into the third round 2-0 but barely survived a German bullrush on Moscow--Nathaniel had two or three rounds of very unlucky tank rolls and we kept it with just 2 fighters left. U.S. was later able to take Tokyo to end the game. Love the army green sweatshirt prize--thanks, man!

Looking forward to Origins--just around the corner!

Jeff (BB)


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