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Ok.  The reason this topic is resurfacing is because at Origins, we had a situation in the final of the 42 game whereas, Charles and Jeff where playing Richard and Phil.  With just over 30 minutes remaining, (I believe it was 31 to be exact) there was disagreement on whether or not to play 1 more round in the game.  
Then, argument began over the rules and whether or not it was "Officially" in the rules that another game round should start.  Charles, adamantly opposed with Philip and Richard said another round could be played within the remaining 45 minutes.  I then asked Jeff, if in fact another round could be played, and he said with hesitation "Yes".  So I told them to play it.  Charles completely disagreed and hence the argument ensued...

So then, the argument continued on what the rules said and how they need to be interrupted.  Now, I wrote these rules with Mike and Jeff's aid regarding the exact wording.  And the intention of the rules is what I believe the reason I wrote them in the first place, to avoid this situation at all cost.  

The point is, and as long as I am GM for these games, I am always open to suggestions on how to make the tournaments run smoother and as enjoyable as possible for everyone involved.  But a few reminders when it comes to the rules for these events:

1. the debate about clock timers has come up time and time again.  I am fairly sure they will not be used while on my watch.  Why.  the game does not come with them and that is a sure fire way to deter any new players wanting to play in the tournament either casually or for the first time, to ever even consider playing in the tournament especially if they or most have never used the timers.  This will clearly give the advantage to the ones that have used them in the past.

2. I am not going to flip the bill for them and I surely am not going to ask people to bring their own.

3. the age old argument is how much time does each side, each country get!  the is my biggest point of tension in keeping time and track of how long someone is taking on a turn.  Jeff, I hate to say it but I really don't like anyone keeping track of time or trying to figure out how much time each side should get.  That goes completely against the spirit of the game and I believe that no one could ever come up with the correct answer on how much time each country/side gets...

Last, I agree with Dave on this one in that, here again, no team should ever be discussing strategy away from the game board, when it is their turn.  And I should have that as a possible precursor to stalling!

And never and in no circumstance can anyone convince me that just because a team starts to speed up play to get more rounds in, is gaming the End Time Rules.  That is what is suppose to happen.

I guess we could go on and on about how this should be done, but I guess that is my point.  There should not be a set rule to how one plays the game.  Just sit down and play the game as fast as possible and make sure you get as many rounds possible in to determine the outcome.

Mike, I would love it if you chimed in on this.  Even though you were not there at the time it happened you were after wards and I believe that your insight is invaluable to this situation.



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