GEN CON Tournament Rule Changes!

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GEN CON Tournament Rule Changes!

Post by SwampHQ on Thu 10 Jul 2008, 20:02

Greetings Classic AA players,

For those that go to GEN CON to play oldschool AA, just a reminder of the new rules this year. I don't want anyone coming to the show and complaining that they didn't know; even though we all know someone will.

Anyhow, here is the important stuff:

The actual bid will be for a number of IPC’s that the Allies will allow the Axis to win with an IPC victory. This number of IPC’s is bid down from the original victory conditions of 84 IPC’s. (EXAMPLE OF BIDDING Smile Team A vs. Team B: Team A wins the coin toss and elects to defer their bid. Team B starts the bidding “we will take the Allies and give the Axis "83" IPC’s for victory conditions; next, Team A bids "82"; Team B bids “80"; Team A bids "79"; Team B stops the bidding at "79" and takes the Axis. Team B must now gain at least 79 IPC’s by the rounds end of that turn to win the game.

So what this does is revises the Victory Conditions:
By the end of regulation play (4 hours) or anytime during play, the Axis powers MUST conquer enough territories to have a COMBINED National Production Level of whatever was set by the bid. This must be accomplished and held at the end of a round of play (all 5 countries have had a turn.) If this condition is met, the Axis win. If this condition is NOT met, the Allies win.

Also since the bid will be different and you will not be able to bid for extra units:
IPC Bonus to the AXIS: Before the start of the game, the Axis, either Japan or Germany or a combination of both will be granted 9 imaginary IPC’s to purchase units and place them on the game board in countries, which are currently occupied, by friendly units before play. After placement of these units, the game then starts as usual. (Germany may have all the money, Japan may have all the money or you may split it between the two countries any way you want, but no Industrial Tech. rolls, NO mixing of units in allied countries and any money left over is gone.)

Let the questions rollllll.....

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