Mega Tournament structure

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Mega Tournament structure

Post by KurtGodel7 on Sat 21 Feb 2009, 17:41

Kudos to Greg for revising the Mega Tournament format. Under the old format, 50% of participants went "one and done"--which couldn't possibly have been very rewarding for them.

One year, my partner and I knocked out this one team in the first round. We went on to the Masters' Tournament. Except that the following year, I wanted to partner with my brother. To do that, I had to go through the Mega tournament again. In the first round of the Mega tournament, my brother and I faced the exact same team I'd knocked out the previous year. We knocked them out *again*--also in a fairly one-sided game.

That team can't have felt very good about their experience in the tournament. Not only did they go one and done two years in a row, but they never really got a chance to play a close, competitive game against a team of a similar skill level to themselves. Under the current format, that team (along with everyone else) is guaranteed at least three games; hopefully at least one of which will be against a team of similar skill level.

Under the current tournament format, after three rounds of Swiss play, the top four teams advance to a single elimination tournament. If there were twelve teams total, eight of them would not make this cut.

Those eight, non-qualifying teams could be pitted against each other in a single elimination tournament for fifth place. This would guarantee all tournament participants the chance to play in at least four games no matter how they fared. And hopefully each of the teams in the 5th - 12th bracket would be of at least somewhat equal skill, causing most of the games in that tournament to be reasonably competitive, high quality games. Even the guys who lose will hopefully feel that, if they'd done one or two things differently, and maybe made one or two fewer mistakes, the game could have gone differently. And that feeling will stimulate them to play that much better in next year's tournament.


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Re: Mega Tournament structure

Post by Yoper on Sun 22 Feb 2009, 12:25

If I have had no other influence up Greg (which I know that I have), the one I am glad that I did have is getting him to change to this kind of format.

It allows people to get in multiple games in a competitive atmosphere. You just can't get this kind of experience in pick up games.

It allows for you to come back from a loss and still make the SE rounds and keeps people interested in the event for a longer time.


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