Ideas for increasing turnout to A&A tournaments

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Ideas for increasing turnout to A&A tournaments

Post by BushidoBlitz on Sun 05 Jul 2009, 22:13


You're right, there are a number of ways you can go with this.

My understanding of your idea is to put [Bulge, Guadalcanal, D-Day, Europe, and Pacific] together in one category and [Classic, Revised and AA50] together in another. You would offer each game at various times during Thurs-Fri-Sat, with a semi-final in each category on Saturday night, and a final on Sunday.

This is a reasonable idea, but I still think that the first category (Bulge et al.) might suffer from low turnout. There's not enough draw for each one to guarantee that an opponent will be available at the appointed time. One alternative is to sell the ticket for a "category 1 game." That is, whatever teams buy Category 1 tickets for 10AM on Thursday show up and pair off. Then the two sides have to agree on which Category 1 game to play. But this suffers, too--what if they can't agree? What if they didn't bring a copy of all five games?

Bottom line: players need to know exactly what game they'll play and when and need to be assured of a decent enough turnout for a good tourney.

Here's my idea:
a) First, I'm assuming that you do not want to replace the Masters as your premier A&A tournament. I agree with this; people are motivated to try to qualify for a "by invitation-only" event, and I'm sure it helps boost turnout in the Mega, with 3 slots on the line.

b) Given that assumption, I suggest an "Iron Man A&A Tournament" (call it A&A All-Around, A&A Master Commander, or whatever) as another premier event to draw new players into the game. Details of the format:

i) Players signing up for this event are committing to playing all day Thursday; semifinals and finals are on Friday. They will play one game each of the following, guaranteed:
Th, 8-11AM, D-Day
Th, 11AM-2PM, Bulge
Th, 2PM-4PM, Guadalcanal
Th, 4PM-7PM, Europe
Th, 7PM-10PM, Pacific

Some standard kind of scoring system as you described will be used. E.g., each game is worth two points, divided between the two sides. The winner will always have >1 point, and the loser < 1 point. The actual value is determined by the magnitude of the win, but I'd say a max of 1.5 points to the winner if it's a blowout. So just for playing the game you get a minimum of 0.5 point.

This scale could be calculated, as you suggested, based on the percentage increase/decrease in IPC from your starting total, but this would not work in all cases (D-Day, Bulge, Guadalcanal?) More likely, it would be based on a set scale; for example, if in Pacific Japan loses with 19-20 VP, they get 0.9 point; if they lose with 17-18 VP, they get 0.8 point, etc. You might also include a bonus to both sides (say, 0.2 point), for completing the game (i.e., no judgment required) within the allotted time.

After the five games on Thursday, cut to the top four. Use the points as tie-breakers. Semi-finalists play a Friday 8AM -12PM game of Revised. Finalists play a 12PM-6PM game of AA50. Winners are crowned A&A Five-Star General or A&A Iron Man or whatever. Have an award ceremony on Sunday.

To generate more interest/hype, implement a ribbon system, like Mayfair does for Settlers. For each game type a person plays in the Iron-Man or in a stand-alone tourney (like the regular Bulge tournament), they get the appropriate ribbon for that game; if they collect all five of the Category 1 games (i.e., they do not drop out but stay in until the end), they are given a Lieutenant ribbon. If they also play [Revised or Classic] and AA50, they get a Colonel ribbon. If they win the Iron-Man tourney, they get the General ribbon. At the awards ceremony on Sunday, announce all the people who achieved each level. If WOTC offers enough prize support, offer small prizes (A&A Mini Booster?) to those achieving Lieutenant and Colonel rank.

1) Each of the Category 1 games, on its own, may not draw enough players to fill a tourney. Together, as an Iron-Man tournament, they may.
2) Players know exactly when they'll play each game, so no guess-work on trying to find an opponent.

1) Players in the Iron-Man, in theory, have to bring a copy of all five Category 1 games on Thursday. That could be a major pain.
2) Players may not know how to play, or may not want to play, all five Category 1 games, and so will not sign up for the tourney. On the other hand, if you make the prizes for the Iron-Man comparable to the Masters, you may persuade them to give it a shot, even if they don't know all the games well.

Just a thought.



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Re: Ideas for increasing turnout to A&A tournaments

Post by questioneer on Mon 06 Jul 2009, 09:52

I say you just run the events like you do AA50 tourny- play open slots Thurs/Fri and playoffs Sat and Sun

Group combos should be 4 groups only- 1. D-day/Bulge/Guad 2. Europe/Pacific 3. AA50 4. AA42 5. Masters for AA42 (or AA50- which ever will become more popular)

Ironman is a nice idea but I know I don't want to bring all 7 different games and I wouldn't want to play all 7 either just Europe/Pacific, AA50, and AA42.

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