GEN CON 2010 Attendance & Logistics

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GEN CON 2010 Attendance & Logistics

Post by BushidoBlitz on Tue 17 Aug 2010, 12:15

Had a great time at Gen Con this year! I agree with Greg, it was one of the best ever that I've been to, and that was due in no small part to amazing attendance!

First off, Gen Con itself topped 30,000 unique attendees for the first time ever. And this was reflected at the A&A Headquarters, which bustled with activity seemingly nonstop. Greg's blue tables were full of players old and new, playing the myriad of A&A variants now out there, including the latest, "pre-release" version of A&A 1940 Europe and 1940 World.

There was some worry after a disappointing Origins this year. While its 2010 attendance was up 5% from 2009, to 10,669, turnout at Origins A&A events was sadly low. Was A&A on the decline? Not so--as Gen Con 2010 proved! I'd say, chalk up the low Origins numbers to a new website launched woefully late (online registration became available only in mid-April, and event registration not until May!), as well as the struggling economy. Speaking for myself, if I could only attend one con each year, it would be Gen Con over Origins hands down.

A final word about logistics--I thought the location for Greg's A&A Headquarters this year was fantastic: Rooms 105-106. Perfectly central, IMHO: event reg/customer service out the door to the right, bathroom around the corner, Boardgame Ballroom out the door to the left (yes, for those who do play stuff other than A&A!), coffee/food stand just down the hall, and the entrance to the Exhibitor's Hall just beyond that. Sweet! Greg, I'd recommend that you try to keep that location, if you can, for next year.



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